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Attorneys question public prosecutor’s indictment of ten-year sentence against their clients



Defense trial of Jakub Fabian Skrzypski and Simon Magal against Public Prosecutor’s indictment in Wamena District Court, Tuesday (23/4/2019)-Jubi/Islami

Wamena, Jubi – Legal representatives of Jakub Fabian Skrzypski and Simon Magal, Latifah Anum Siregar and Aloysius Renwarin, question the indictment of public prosecutor against their clients in a defence trial conducted in Wamena District Court on Tuesday (23/4/2019). In the prior lawsuit, the state prosecutor charged their clients with a ten-year sentence.

Simon Magai’s lawyer, Aloysius Renwarin, said based on the testimonies of all witnesses presented by the public prosecutor, there is no statement reveals Magai’s involvement in this case. Even all witnesses did not understand about his status in this trial.

“He (Simon) did not involve in the activities related to attacks and all sort of things that accused on him. Therefore, we ask the panel of judges to make a fair decision, and he will be free from the charges,” Renwarin told reporter after the trial.

The accusation that his client has violated the treason article does not make sense,” said Renwarin, because Simon did not commit a violation against the state. He only communicated with defendant Jakub Fabian Skrzypski via social media app. Therefore, there is no evidence showing the attack on the country or destroyed place due to an attack. So this not meets the criteria of treason crime.

“Ten-year sentence without strong legal fact, as well as trial facts including evidence and eight witnesses that reveals Simon’s involvement in this treason court, does not make sense,” he continued.

Meanwhile, legal attorney of Jakub Fabian Skrzypski, Latifah Anum Siregar, considered that two of ten witnesses presented in the previous hearing was able to categorise as non-valid witnesses because they were not seeing, listening or witnessing when the incident occurred, or these witnesses considered as those who heard news from someone else.

She also questions why only Jakub Fabian Skrzypski accused against the treason article because of his meeting with some people from an illegal organisation as revealed in the court by Edward Wandik.

“Before Jakub met with KNPB who accused against the country, committed a crime, the fact is many people or other organizations have met or published books or articles, made a video or youtube channel related to this group. But they are not arrested or take to the court,” said Anum Siregar.

Furthermore, said Anum, in the meeting at the KNPB Secretariat both in Jayapura and Timika, Jakub was not alone. He came with other people, but why those people not being charged with the treason article?

“From what we stated in the defence trial, the treason articles charged against my client was not proven, including Article 106, 87 and 55 paragraph (1). Therefore all charges against Jakub Fabian Skrzypski was not fulfilled and therefore was not proven legally and convincingly according to the law,” she said.

The next trial session will conduct in Wamena District Court on Thursday (04/25/2019) to schedule a hearing of the prosecutor’s disclosure to the defense trial. (*)

Reporter: Islami Adisubrata

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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West Papuans given jail time for rebellion



Yakonias Womsiwor and Erichzon Mandobar. Photo: Facebook/ Veronica Koman

Papua, Jubi – Two West Papuans have been sentenced to more than a year in an Indonesian prison over a rebellion.

The jail terms come as several cases are being levelled against West Papuan activists and rebels in the restive region.

Yakonias Womsiwor and Erichzon Mandobar were detained in September when authorities raided the office of a Papuan independence group.

According to their lawyer, on Tuesday a judge in the Timika district court sentenced Mr Womsiwor to one year and six months jail.

His co-defendant got one year and three months in prison.

Both were sentenced under a criminal law for coercion and rebellion.

Lawyer Veronica Koman says she’s considering an appeal of the judgement.

During their arrests in Timika, the defendants were shot several times and denied medical attention until rights groups brought attention to their case.

Mr Womsiwor was shot six times in total, while Mr Mandobar was shot once, according to Amnesty International and Ms Koman.

“They were shot without warning as the law required,” Ms Koman said, adding that they were later allowed to be treated by their families.

Their arrests were part of a raid on the Timika secretariat of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), which was later seized by police.

Earlier in the trial, police and prosecutors had claimed the men were found with ammunition and guns, which the defendants denied was theirs, according to Ms Koman.

She said during the trial two police officers, including a deputy police chief, called as witnesses testified that military personnel had placed the ammunition and guns at the KNPB offices.

Ms Koman added that the sentencing on Monday did not give proper consideration to statements made by the defence.

The sentences come just days after a Polish tourist was jailed for five years for plotting to sell arms to West Papuan rebels. (*)


Source: RNZI

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Indonesia loses Pacific asset in Franzalbert Joku



Indonesian government consultant on West Papua-related issues, Franz Albert Joku. Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

Papua, Jubi – Indonesia has lost a significant asset from in its Pacific diplomacy efforts with the recent passing of the West Papuan, Franzalbert Joku.

The prominent Sentani landowner was the international spokesman for the Papua Presidium Council which galvanised momentum in the independence struggle at the turn of the century.

But in his last decade, Mr Joku strongly advocated autonomy for Papua within Indonesia rather than independence. He often represented Indonesia at regional meetings of the Melanesian Spearhead Group and the Pacific Islands Forum.

Mr Joku, who died at the age of 66 late last month in Jayapura, had fled from Indonesian rule in his homeland as a youth with his family in the early 1970s. For around three decades he lived in various parts of Papua New Guinea where Mr Joku worked as a journalist and a PNG government advisor who developed extensive links in the Pacific.

An expert in Indonesian history and politics, Richard Chauvel of the University of Melbourne, says Mr Joku’s career in PNG was significant.

“His great utility both in the early 2000s (for the Papua Presidium) and post 2007/8 for the Indonesian government has been his intimate knowledge of Papua New Guinea politics, through his role as a journalist and then as a political advisor or spokesman for (former PNG PM) Julius Chan and other senior PNG politicians,” Dr Chauvel said.

“I think it’s that knowledge of local PNG politics, and through networks into the Pacific, that made him such a formidable figure, both initially for the Presidium, in the lobbying of the Melanesian Spearhead Group and the Pacific Islands Forum, and then subsequently for doing much the same thing, utilising the same skills and knowledge for the Indonesian government,” he explained.

As an effective envoy for Jakarta, Mr Joku had a forthright approach to his diplomacy, as evidenced last year by his instrumental role in pressing the Solomon Islands government to mollify its support for West Papuan self-determination aspirations:

Occupying both extremes of the Papuan political spectrum over time made Franzalbert Joku a polarising figure in the eyes of West Papuans.

“The way he executed those positions was remarkably the same – with great commitment, very articulate, he was obviously a bright guy… you could never accuse him of being nuanced,” Dr Chauvel said.

Dr Chauvel first met Franzalbert Joku when he was lobbying for the Presidium, the organisation which energised the independence struggle as democatic space opened up briefly in post-Suharto Indonesia around the time of the Papua People’s Congress in 2000 in Jayapura.

“He was just as vigorous and forthright in his advocacy of that position as he later became from 2007/8 onwards when he’d clearly joined the other side,” he said.

Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has a number of officials who have led delegations to MSG and Pacific Forum meetings over the past decade.

“They have acquired some of that background knowledge, but I don’t think that they can speak to their counterparts in Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands and PNG from the same position as Franzalbert could, as a Pacific Islander,” Dr Chauvel said. (*)


Source: RNZI

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Polish man charged over links to Papua arms deal to appear in court



Jakub Skrzypski, a 39-year Polish citizen visiting Papua as a tourist, was arrested in Wamena in late August on suspicion of being a journalist. Photo: Facebook

Papua, Jubi – The trial of a Polish man charged with treason for allegedly supplying arms to Papuan rebel fighters continues today.

Indonesian prosecutors have demanded 10 years’ jail for Jakub Skrzypski, who was arrested in August last year.

According to his lawyer Jakub Skyrzypski was a tourist who wanted to see the culture, customs and history of Papua.

Instead, he was detained and charged on suspicion of arranging an arms deal with the West Papua Liberation Army, a rebel group which is waging war on state forces.

Mr Skrzypski’s lawyer, Latifah Anum Siregar told the Wamena city court on Wednesday he hasn’t committed a crime by meeting with the armed group, according to a copy of her plea.

The public prosecutor, who has called on ten witnesses in the trial, will respond in court on Thursday.

Judges will deliver a verdict after final responses from both sides on Monday.

Mr Skrzypski is being charged alongside his co-defendant, West Papuan student Simon Carlos Magal, who was arrested in September. (*)


Source: RNZI

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