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Four identified patients under surveillance of Covid-19 in Papua



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Jayapura, Jubi – Four people are named patients under surveillance of Covid-19 in Papua and currently getting medical treatment at local public hospitals in Merauke, Jayapura and Biak.

Concerning this, Jayapura Mayor asks residents to not being panic. Meanwhile, Merauke Regional People’s Representatives conducted a closed meeting to discuss the coronavirus issue.

“The patients are now under surveillance of health authority. Besides of having fever, cough and cold, they just returned from outside Papua,” the Secretary of Papua Health Office Dr Silvanus Sumule says on Tuesday (17/3/2020).

Furthermore, he says the medical testing samples of the four patients scheduled to send to the Research and Development Agency of Health Ministry in Jakarta today (17/3/2020) for further examination. The patients currently treated at Merauke Public Hospital are males of 46 and 51 years old, while a patient treated in Jayapura Public Hospital is a 45 or 46 years old man.


“Meanwhile, the patient in Biak Public Hospital is a young man of 21 years old,” Sumule adds.

However, he admits that he does not know the exact number of people under surveillance of Covid-19 in Papua as he is still waiting for the official report from the relevant local health offices.

At the moment, the local health authority in Biak states that the patient under surveillance treated in Biak Public Hospital so far has not been infected and is under medical treatment in the hospital’s isolation room.

In the meantime, Biak Numfor Regent Herry Ario Naap in a press release states the suspected Covid-19 patient in Biak is a resident of Bandung, West Java. Moreover, he says the medical staffs of Biak Public Hospital had taken any necessary medical procedure to take care of the patient.

“The point is the local government has promptly responded to this issue. We have published announcement and established a team to conduct a surveillance action,” says Naap in the press release received by Jubi on Monday (16/3/2020).

Meanwhile, the Director of Biak Public Hospital Dr Ricardo Mayor says the patient in Biak was a ship passenger departed from Jakarta and arrived in Biak on Thursday (12/3/2020).

“He departed from Jakarta to Biak by KM Ciremai and arrived on 12 March. He entered the emergency room at around 18.30 Papua time and got medical treatment immediately. Based on the examination, the patient needs to put under surveillance,” says the mayor in the government’s release.

Furthermore, he says the patient had clinical symptom resembled those who infected by the coronavirus. However, he asserts that the initial examination will approve after the result of laboratory testing.

“To ensued whether the patient is positive of having the coronavirus, it should go through the laboratory testing. The sample would send to Jakarta,” says Mayor Naap. (*)



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Policy to restrict national and foreign citizens visiting Papua is still unclear




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Jayapura, Jubi – Until Saturday (14/3/2020), the application of policy to restrict both Indonesian and foreign citizens visiting Papua is still unclear notwithstanding the result of the meeting held by the Papuan Regional Coordination Forum in Jayapura on 5 March 2020 to prevent the coronavirus entering Papua.

The Papuan Provincial Secretary Herry Dosinaen says the Papua Provincial Government has followed up the meeting outcome by issuing the Governor’s Instruction. “It includes the Instruction for foreign citizens as well. It will distribute immediately to regencies/municipality and other government institutions. You can check it at the Legal Bureau Office,” says Dosinaen in Jayapura on Thursday (12/3/2020).

Further, he says that the visit restriction for national citizens and prohibition of foreigners entering Papua will apply by intensifying of supervision to airports and ports that are the entry points for outsiders to Papua. “It means those who are on duty must selectively apply this instruction. For example, it should be a further examination to each passenger in the airport, whether they are national or foreign citizens,” he says.

However, until Saturday, Jubi has not yet received the official copy of the instruction. Moreover, on the scene, the policy has not affected the flight schedules in Sentani Airport yet.


As cited from that accessed at 21.30 Papua time, ten flights are scheduled to arrive in the Sentani International Airport during Sunday (15/3/2020). They are including Citilink QG 700 from Makassar (scheduled to arrive at 00.00 Papua time), Lion Air JT 794 from Jakarta (scheduled to arrive at 06.00 Papua time), Lion Air JT3794 from Denpasar (scheduled to arrive at 06.00 Papua time).

Meanwhile, other flights scheduled to arrive at Sentani International Airport on Sunday are GA656 from Jakarta (scheduled to arrive at 06.45 Papua time), Lion Air JT798 from Makassar (scheduled arrived at 06.55 Papua time), Batik Air ID6180 from Jakarta (scheduled to arrive at 07.15 Papua time), Sriwijaya Air SJ 268 from Surabaya (scheduled to arrive at 13.00 Papua time), Garuda Indonesia GA631 from Makassar (scheduled to arrive at 13.45 Papua time), Citilink QG 712 from Makassar (scheduled to arrive at 15.30 Papua time), and Batik Air ID 6182 from Makassar (scheduled to arrive at 16.15 Papua time). The flight schedules to Papua are relatively not changing to the previous before the visit restriction policy to Papua applied.

Separately, on Thursday, the Director of Jayapura Regional Public Hospital Aloysius Giay stated that the hospital authority had asked the quarantine and immigration offices as well as other relevant offices to restrict the examination at the airports, ports and border gates. “It is not only checking the temperature of the body because the instruments already installed at the airport,” admits Giyai.

Moreover, he says the health screening tools have been installed at both Sentani and Frans Kaisiepo airports for checking the health condition of passengers. “We have installed the tools at Sentani and Biak airports, but not for seaports. We have asked the quarantine office to conduct the screening selectively,” says Giyai. (*)


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Patient suspected of having coronavirus hospitalised in Merauke awaiting laboratory test result




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Merauke, Jubi – A patient suspected of having coronavirus is currently undergoing intensive medical treatment at a VIP room in Merauke Regional Public Hospital. However, it has not confirmed yet whether this 46-year-old male patient to be infected. Currently, the hospital authority determined his status as an under-surveillance patient due to fever, cough, runny nose and respiratory issue.

In their press conference on Saturday (14/3/2020), the Secretary of Merauke Regional Health Office Dr Nevil Mustika states the patient hospitalised since Wednesday (11/3/2020). Based on their further examination, the Merauke Regional Health Office finds the patient has attended a seminar in Bogor from 25 to 28 February 2020.

Moreover, Dr Mustika says the health office has received information that a patient died of having coronavirus at Moewardi Hospital, Solo, Central Java on Thursday (12/3/2020) also attended the same seminar. Based on this information, the Merauke Regional Public Hospital takes action to anticipate this and keep monitoring the patient’s current health condition.

“So he [patient] is currently under our supervision because he had the symptoms of respiratory illness, cough, runny nose and fever. We had confirmation that the patient attended a seminar in Bogor. Therefore, we decide to carry out close monitoring to the patient,” says the secretary Nevil Mustika.


Dr Nevil Mustika further asserts that the patient has not positively diagnosed with having coronavirus because it will confirm after the laboratory test. “We will take a specimen from him and send it to the Research and Development Agency in Jakarta for the result,” he says.

At the moment, he says the patient stay in a VIP room of the hospital, while the VIP room has cleared from other patients. As he is now staying in the VIP room, he would not go to the isolation room because there is another patient. However, we apply a standard of isolated treatment toward the patient. Visitors to the VIP room has restricted to nurses and doctors who directly examine the patient, and they have to wear protector,” says Nevil.

So far, until Saturday, Nevil says the Merauke Regional Public Hospital has not found the patient of having coronavirus. “I should tell the public about this, so they would not be panic. But we must remain vigilant,” he appeals.

Meanwhile, the Director of Merauke Regional Public Hospital Dr Yenny Mahuze while asked for confirmation told Jubi via SMS that she is currently in Jakarta for attending the Health Ministry’s event concerning regional referral hospitals for patients suspected or patients with coronavirus.

“If related to the patient with coronavirus, please directly contact the Merauke Regional Health Office for further explanation. So far, no patient with coronavirus treated in the local public hospital,” she asserts. (*)


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Secondary students hold anti-racism protest at school in Sentani




Students of Santo Antonious Padua High School conduct a demonstration at their schoolyard on Monday (9/3/2020) to protest racism taunts by a teacher. – Jubi/Yance Wenda

Sentani, Jubi – Students of Santo Antonious Padua Secondary School held a protest on Monday (9/3/2020) at their schoolyard in Sentani of Jayapura Regency following racism taunts by a teacher on Saturday (6/3/2020) during the scout camp. Students demand school authority to dismiss the teacher.

A student Viktor S Kiya tells Jubi on Monday (9/3/2020) that the incident occurred on Saturday when students got ready for the flag ceremony.

“At that time, only one teacher was ready in the courtyard while the other four teachers were in the hut. They told students to start and lead the ceremony,” says Kiya.

However, students declined the order because they thought it was not their tasks but the teachers. Therefore, some students just sat down when seeing the flag ceremony had not started yet.


Knowing that the flag ceremony would not start very soon, a teacher with an initial MGU was angry. She then blurted out racism taunts and said students have no brain.

“Then, she said [students] have no brain. I witnessed and heard it by myself. I suddenly become so emotional and be offended because of that,” says Kiya.

He then encouraged his friends to leave the courtyard and return to the dormitory. “We stay at the dormitory. The principal [finally came, called us to come down from the dormitory] attended the closing ceremony of the scout camp event,” says Kiya.

Meanwhile, the principal of Santo Antonious Padua Secondary School Fransina Hikinda admitted that she did not know about the dispute because she was at her office at the time of the incident. According to her, the teacher MGU had declared her regret for the occurrence before her and some students.

“The teacher already apologised and admitted that she had made a mistake. She regretted saying those words because she could not control her emotion at that time. She did not mean to say it,” says Hikinda.

Furthermore, Hikinda says this incident would become school evaluation, and she hopes it would not trigger any new issues. Also, she confirms students’ demand to dismiss MGU from the school. However, she could not prompt this demand.

“Their aspiration is difficult to materialise. We lack teachers in this school,” she says.

Jayapura Regent warns racism taunts to happen

Jayapura Regent Mathius Awoitauw reminds all residents in Jayapura Regency to not carry some activities led to racism taunts or hate speech.

His statement relates to the alleged racism incident by a teacher that occurred in Santo Antonious Padua Secondary College in Sentani on Saturday (7/3/2020).

“Concerning racism, the government is strictly concerned that this issue should never happen again,” says the regent in Sentani on Monday (9/3/2020).

Furthermore, he says both government and community agreed to fight and eliminate any forms of racism in this country, including in Jayapura Regency that currently become the Harmonious Integrity Zone.

“We will investigate this case. It cannot be tolerable if it has truly happened here,” says the regent.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Fitowin, the Chairman of PGRI (Indonesian Teachers Association) in Jayapura, says the technical institution, in this case, the Education Office, must take a prompt response to the teacher who did racism taunts towards her students at school.

“I just found out about this incident. If it is true, the relevant office and police should take a concrete step towards the teacher,” he says.

It understood that the students of Santo Antonius held a peaceful demonstration at their schoolyard. They urged the school authority to take actions on racism taunts by a teacher. So far, the school authority had apologised to both junior and senior high school students for this incident. Currently, the case is under the police’s investigation. (*)


Reporter: Yance Wenda

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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