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Delegation of MSG at Vocational Scholl of Jayapura (Jubi)

Delegation of MSG at Vocational Scholl of Jayapura (Jubi)

Jayapura , 13/1 (Jubi) – Delegation of Melanesian Spearhead Group countries invited by Indonesia government made a visit to SMK 1 Jayapura.

As Jubi’s observations, SMKN 1 Jayapura did not get any notification about this visit. The Head of the Border and International Cooperation ( BPKLN ) Papua province, Suzana D. Wanggai refused to be interviewed about their arrival.

Jihar Gultom, Head of the Indonesian Consulate, in Vanimo when questioned related to the arrival and names of MSG ministers visiting Papua as well as their goal, confirmed that this program is designed by Central Government and refused to talk further.
“I do not know. You may ask to the group leader, he is a project leader.” stated to, on a visit at SMK 1 Jayapura, Monday (13/1).

The Head of High School and Vocational Education Office of Jayapura, Cliford Korwa briefly said, “In this case, I have no comment.”


Meantime, when interviewing the Principal of SMKN 1 Jayapura, Elisabeth Paksoal, she said that the results of this visit gives a great opportunity in the future.
“We have discussed and will be followed up by the Consulate. We are hoping not only a visit but there will be students who are learning.” she said simply.

Name list of the group of MSG countries are :
1 . Ratu Inoke Kabuabola ( Secretary of Fiji )
2 . Hon Rimbink Pato MPA ( PNG Foreign Minister )
3 . Soalaoi Hon Clay Forau ( Solomon Foreign Minister )
4 . Joe Natuman
5 . Yvon Faua ( FLNKS )
6 . Kaliopate Tavola
7 . Queen Seremaia ( Fiji Ambassador)
8 . Peter Ilau ( PNG Ambassador)


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Papuans desire happiness and peaceful than materials, says Filep Karma



Papuan independence figure, Filep Karma. – Jubi/Arjuna

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan freedom advocate Filep Karma said what indigenous Papuans need from the Government of Indonesia are not about clothes, food or houses, but more related to emotional well-being.

It is more about security, safety and peace, Karma told Jubi, to comment about the implementation of Special Autonomy in Papua. He mentioned it while a break during the seminar on the investigation of the conflict in Nduga held by the Papua People’s Assembly (MRP) in a hotel in Jayapura City, Monday (9/12/2019).

According to this former political prisoner, when People’s Vote (Pepera) held in 1969, the Indonesian Government promised prosperity to indigenous Papuans if they wanted to join with Indonesia. However, until now, the Indonesian Government is considered being failed to embody its promise. Both Special Autonomy Law and Fund which annually delivered to Papua since 2001 are also not able to prosper the indigenous.

“I think Papuans have not measured the well-being of food, clothes or any materials. Instead, they want to happy and live peacefully, that the state can guarantee that they would not be kidnapped or arrested or executed. That’s the well-being that we want,” said Karma.


Moreover, he also supports the plan of MRP and MRPB (People’s Assembly of West Papua Province) to evaluate the Special Autonomy through a public hearing with indigenous Papuans in 2020.

” Autonomy is a political confectionary. It sorts of a statement from the central government for Papuans to not ask for independence. Instead, we gave you this Special Autonomy. That’s it,” he said.

But, he further said, if the evaluation found that the Special Autonomy failed to prosper the indigenous Papuans, the last alternative for Papuans is independence,” he said.

“Because this (the Special Autonomy) was the highest offer from Indonesia to Papuans, therefore the Indonesian Government can no longer deny their failure by offering other development plans. Special Autonomy is the last and final offer from the Government of Indonesia,” he said.

In the meantime, Timotius Murib, the Chairman of Papua People’s Assembly, in responding to the questions of participants said those who have rights to evaluate the Special Autonomy are indigenous Papuans because they are beneficiaries of the Special Autonomy Fund. Therefore, Indigenous Papuans must determine whether the Special Autonomy should continue or not.

“In 2020, MRP and MRPB will collaborate to organise public meeting (on the Special Autonomy). People will determine what they want. No matter what, bitter or sweet, MRP will recommend people’s desire to the state and the world,” said Murib.

According to him, in this sense, MRP has had an MoU with the United Nations. The United Nations will come to observe the implementation of the evaluation. (*)


Reporter: Arjuna Pademme

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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Witnesses not able to confirm who’s the perpetrator of destruction towards Horison Hotel




Illustration, Ucak Logo alias Bazoka Logo during the trial in Jayapura District Court Class 1A, Monday (9/12/2019). – Jubi/Hengky Yeimo

Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura District Court resumed the trial against defendants Elo Huby Ary Asso and Urbanus Tambonop on Monday (9/12/2019) regarding mass riot on 29 August 2019 in Jayapura City. In the hearing, Public Prosecutor Andreas Tomana presented two witnesses who are staffs of Horison Hotel, Kota Raja, Jayapura.

The two witnesses were doing their shift at the hotel when a mob passed throwing stones to the hotel. However, a witness, with initial A, stated he could not determine who the perpetrators are.

The witness further said he had checked the CCTV recording. “To be more certain, the operator of CCTV showed the recording, but it couldn’t tell us about the perpetrators,” he said to the panel of judges chaired by Maria Sitanggang.

Moreover, witness A said so many people involved in the incident of stone-throwing. Therefore he could not recognise the perpetrator. “Of the two defendants, we did not see them in CCTV, because many people passed the street at that time,” he said.


In the meantime, the public prosecutor said he would present another witness for the next hearing on Wednesday. He also mentioned that several witnesses refused to come in the trial today because they were afraid and still trauma.

“Victims did not come to witness because of fear. But they have given information to the police which already recorded in the police investigation report. We would try to present other witnesses in the next hearing on Wednesday,” he said.

Another trial against Dorothy Kawena also held on Monday to examine witnesses. The hearing would continue on Wednesday to question the offender. At the same day, the witnesses hearing would also resume in the case against the defendant Ferius Entamon.

For a meantime, the trial against the defendant Pandra Wenda was suspended until Wednesday this week because the public prosecutor was not able to present a witness. Concerning this issue, the judges demanded the state prosecutor to be more cautious in arranging witnesses in the trial. Judges also ordered the prosecutor to present three witnesses in the case against Ronal Wandik, Mikha Asso, Persiapan Kogoya, Jhonny Weya. Meanwhile, the hearing against the defendant Yusuf Marthen Bonay would start to examine on Wednesday next week. (*)


Reporter: Hengky Yeimo

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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Hundreds of people were detained in Papua ahead to 1 December




One of four students who arrested by police at Gereja Gembala Baik, Abepura on 1 December. – Courtesy of LBH Papua

Jayapura, Jubi – Around 112 people were arrested by police in several towns of Papua and Papua Barat provinces within a week ahead to 1 December 2019 under the treason article concerning the Morning Star flag-raising.

Five days before 1 December which commemorated as the Papuan political manifesto by Papuans, a young Papuan activist Pilipus Robaha arrested by police in his house on 26 November 2019. The police questioned him in association with a letter posting on social media appealing people to attend the commemoration worship of 1 December at Trikora Square. Lack of evidence to accuse his involvement connected to the report, the police released him the next day.

A day after his arrest, the police detained eight people in Manokwari at around 3 in the afternoon of local time. The Regional Police Chief of Papua Barat Province, Brigadier General Herry Rudolf Nahak, said during the police seized twenty-nine big-sized Morning Star flags, some posters and pamphlets and two cars.

“During the interrogation, these eight people admitted that they participated in the event after reading the pamphlet about a rally at Borasi Square, Manokwari on Wednesday morning,” said the police chief.


Until Thursday (5/12/2019), they are still under the custody of Manokwari Police. So far, the police declared none of these eight persons named suspects. However, the police have charged seven detainees under the treason article, according to Yan Warinussy, the Executive Director of Legal Aid Research, Study and Development Study (LP3BH) Manokwari. Meanwhile, another one only named as a witness.

Another arrest occurred in Sentani City of Jayapura Regency. The police detained thirty-four people on Saturday evening (30/11/2019) while marching towards Trikora Square, Abepura to participate in a flag-raising ceremony. The police also accused them as the members of the West Papuan National Liberation Army from Demta sub-district and Sarmi Regency after finding evidence of their membership cards.

Jayapura Police Chief Adjunct Commissionaire Victor Makbon said “We already released fourteen of them, but twenty people have named suspects. We charged six of them under the Emergency Law on the possession of sharp weapons and the Treason Article 106 and Article 2 verse (1) of the Criminal Code.”

In the meantime, there are 13 people charged under the Treason Article 106 of the Criminal Code, while one also charged under the Treason Article 106 and Article 160 on incitement.

Regarding this case, Yohanis Mambrasaar, a lawyer from Papua Human Rights Advocates Association (PAHAM), confirmed that the report on twenty people charged for treason. Currently, he said PAHAM is preparing the power of attorney to provide legal assistance for detainees.

Separately, the police arrested four students at Gembala Baik Church in Abepura on Sunday Morning. Marvin Yobe, Desepianus Dumupa, Paul Halapok and Devion Tekege wore the Papuan highland traditional clothes and pained their bodies with the Morning Star pattern. They also brought the Morning Star flags to the Church during the worship time.

The arrested student Desepianus Dumupa said the purpose of their act was to ask God for freedom. “Our purpose carrying the flag in the worship was to ask God’s help, ask Him to liberate our nation,” said Dumupa.

However, the police then released these four students after being interrogated until 1 morning on Monday. They first questioned at Abepura Police Headquarters, then at Jayapura Police Headquarters after the police had not found any evidence at their accommodation.

By Monday morning, the police called Father James Kosay who led the worship at Gembala Baik Church on 1 December to question related to the arrest of four students. “At the time of arrest, there were twenty police officers, both without and with uniform, entered the church during the worship that made people panic,” said Father James.

A day before the incident in Gembala Baik Church, the police also called Markus Haluk, the Executive Director of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) in connection with The Call for Communal Worship on 1 December 2019. The police interrogated Haluk with twenty-nine questions for six hours.

Another detain also occurred in Fakfak. The local police of Fakfak arrested 54 people in Warpa, Pikpik and Mabuni-Buni villages of Kayauni sub-district at around 3 in the afternoon on Sunday (1/12/2019). The police accused them intending to raise the Morning Star flag at the residence of Fakfak Regent. Also, the police claimed the fifty-four detainees as the members of TPNPB after finding their membership cards during the arrest.

Fakfak Police Chief Ary Nyoto Setiawan said that the Morning Star flag was already raised in Warpa village by twenty-three people with sharp weapons. When the arrest took place, according to the chief, the police also found the amount of IDR 88 million on the scene.

“The money was about to send to their highest rank leader in Jayapura,” said the chief.

Based on their investigation, the police has officially named twenty-three people as suspects.

The Recherche and Crime Investigation Chief of Fakfak Police, Misbahul Munir, said, “ These twenty-three people wanted to come to Fakfak to wave the flag at the official residence of Fakfak Regent.“

A picture of the arrest in Fakfak widely spread in social media

A photo of the arrest in Pikpik village of Fakfak raised criticism among Papuan people following its circulation on social media. In the picture, almost naked, some people tied up together and remained sitting by the road.

“The right word for the picture is slavery. Only those who experienced colonialism can do this. They experienced the same oppression before their independence. So, they want to practice the same thing against the oppressed people,“ said Filep Karma to comment on the photo that goes viral on social media.

However, Fakfak Police has not yet confirmed about the picture. So far, the Recherche and Crime Investigation Chief of Fakfak Police has not answered the phone and WhatsApp message to clarify the photograph allegedly describes the arrest in Pikpik village. However, several Fakfak residents confirmed that the circulated photo about the detain in Pikpik village on 1 December 2019 is valid.

“They arrested on 1 (December). A man with white hair body on chess was my classmate, Yance Hegemur,” said a Fakfak resident by phone to confirm the photograph.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Domberai Customary Council Finsen Mayor also believes the same way. “Yes, it was the picture of the incident on 1 December in Fakfak. They transported to Fakfak Police Headquarters in the evening,” said Mayor.

From Tuesday (26/11/2019) to Wednesday (4/12/2019) afternoon, there are 101 people arrested and interrogated by police in connection to 1 December. So far, 82 people are still detained in Fakfak, Manokwari and Sentani, while the rest already released by police. At least 27 people have named suspects under the treason article, in which twenty people in Sentani and other seven in Manowakri.

In the sense of police acts to anticipate 1 December by arresting Papuans, according to Yan Warinussy, it would only worsen the image of the Indonesian Government among Papuans as Papua has a different historical background to other regions in Indonesia. This recognition is implicitly acknowledged the verse e of the Law 21/2001 about the Special Autonomy for Papua.

“1 December should be used as a milestone to create constructive efforts to straighten the history of Papua by the people of Papua and the state for the sake of peace,” said Warinussy.

He further asserted that every social and political movement of Papuan people, which contain different aspirations, should be responded with the kind response and accommodated through peaceful dialogue. (*)


Reporter: Victor Mambor

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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