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Papuan students rally against ‘illegal’ New York agreement in Salatiga



Papuan student held a joint protest action in the Central Java city of Salatiga in Thursday August 15 – Supplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan student from the Indonesian People’s Front for West Papua (FRI-WP) and the Semarang and Salatiga Papuan Student Alliance (AMP) Committees held a joint protest action in the Central Java city of Salatiga in Thursday August 15.

The groups were protesting against the New York agreement which was signed by Indonesia and the Netherlands on August 15, 1962, because the agreement marked the start of human rights violations in Papua.

The peaceful action by the Papuan students began at the flyover connecting Satya Wacana Christian University (UKSW) at 9 am.

The protesters put up banners in front of the UKSW campus rejecting the New York agreement signed 56 years ago then moved off towards the Salatiga city traffic circle. When they arrived at around 10.30 am, they gave speeches and shouted slogans supporting Papuan independence.


A number of activists took turns giving political speeches slamming the agreement between Indonesia, the Netherlands and the US saying that the people of Papua, who became legally subject to the agreement, were never in fact a party to the deal.

“The New York agreement on the transfer [of power] of the Papuan region [from Holland to Indonesia] was made only in the economic and political interests of Indonesia and the imperialist country the United States”, explained action coordinator Jackson Gwijangge in a press release on Thursday August 15.

Gwijangge said that the military operations launched in the Papuan district of Nduga on the orders of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo have resulted in violence against civilians and forced many people to flee. According to Gwijangge, between December 2018 and August 2019 as many as 185 civilians have died.

“[As a consequence of the armed conflict in Nduga] people are still seeking refuge in various neighbouring areas such as Lanny Jaya, Timika, Puncak and Wamena. [All of this goes back to] the New York agreement, [an agreement] which was illegal because it did not involve indigenous Papuans as the owners of the country”, said Gwijangge.

In another speech, Mey Tebay declared that the Papuan nation became independent on December 1, 1961. Tebay stated that Indonesia must acknowledge its error in occupying Papua.

Another speaker, Otis Tabuni, said that the Indonesian government and military have not respected the laws which protect the human rights of citizens in Indonesia and have violated the civil and political rights of the Papuan people.

Tabuni stated that if Indonesia continues to use military force against civilians in Papua, sooner or later the country will disintegrate.

The demonstrators demanded that the government immediately withdraw TNI (Indonesian military) and Polri (police) personnel from Nduga, give the Papuan people the right to self-determination and guarantee the Papuan people’s right to free expression.

They also called on Indonesia to close down and halt the activities of huge mining projects in the land of Papua, including Freeport MacMoRan in Mimika and BP in LNG Tangguh.

Widodo was also asked to immediately revoke Presidential Regulation Number 40/2013 on Road Construction in the Framework of Accelerating Development in the Provinces of Papua and West Papua, because it has legitimised the involvement of the military in constructing roads in Papua.

They also called on Indonesia to immediately open access to Papua for foreign journalists and humanitarian aid.

(Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was “Mahasiswa Papua di Semarang dan Salatiga juga demo menolak New York Agreement“.)

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Police investigate firearms trafficking from Lumajang to Papua




Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw (far left) accompanies the Governor of Papua and members of the Regional Coordination Leaders Forum while attending the anniversary of Puncak Jaya Regency in Mulia – Jubi / Jean Bisay

Surabaya, Jubi – The Regional Police of East Java admitted their investigation on illegal firearms trafficking from Lumajang, East Java to insurgent groups in Papua.

“We have direct contact with the local police to analyse firearms trafficking cartels in this area. Our concern that some irresponsible groups misuse it,” said Police Commissioner Gidion Arif Setyawan, the Special Crime Investigation Chief at East Java Regional Police, in his office on Monday (13/1/2020).

 The investigation, he continued, is still ongoing. He said the police also concern about this finding because insurgent groups used to have high calibre weapons.

“Especially high calibre firearms. If 4.5 calibre riffles might not be high, but we need vigilant with above 6.5 or 9 calibre weapons. Some regional police offices have agreed to follow up this issue,” he said.


Previously, Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paul Waterpauw suspected the distribution of firearms and ammunition in his territory were from international and domestic dealings.

“Indeed, we have information that those firearms not only come from domestic sellers but also from abroad. There are indications that it comes through the border area, and from the Philippines via North Maluku, Sorong, West Papua Province into Papua. This route what we are tracking now,” he said in Timika on Monday (13/1) as quoted from Antara.

Further, he stated that he also received information about firearms assembled in Lumajang, East Java, had distributed to Papua.

The similar issue had once been revealed by some police officers from the East Java Regional Police some time ago. (*)

Reporter: Jean Bisay

Editor: Pipit Maizer

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Papua Police trace firearms trafficking around local landfill site




Caption: Local crowds in Wamena Airport, Jayawijaya, Papua, Friday (9/27/2019) – Jubi / Courtesy ANTARA

Papua, Jubi – Papua Regional Police are still investigating some cases of firearms and ammunition trafficking from abroad into the region. It follows up the increase of shooting terrors against military and police officers by unidentified groups in various areas of Papua.

“Indeed, we have information that firearms trafficking is not only from domestic sellers but also from abroad. There are indications that it comes through the border area, and from the Philippines via North Maluku, Sorong, West Papua Province into Papua. This route what we are tracking now,” he said in Timika as reported by Antara on Monday (13/1).

Furthermore, General Waterpauw asked the local community to provide support and assistance to notify the authorities if they have information related to the transaction of firearms and ammunition. Therefore, the authorities could stop the trading and at the same time be aware of the syndication network and take the perpetrators to the court.

Meanwhile, Mimika Police’s Special Force and Battalion B of Police’s Mobile Brigade have investigated some witnesses for information. Some of them are the local garbage truck drivers who are suspected transporting ammunitions with household waste to be disposed at the Waste Disposal Site at Iwaka Sub-district and heavy vehicle operators on duty at the Iwaka landfill site.


Dozens of ammunition with the active launcher were first discovered by Hendra (17), a heavy equipment operator at the Iwaka landfill site on Tuesday (12/31/2019).

Based on Hendra’s information as reported by Darjo, a fellow operator at the Iwaka landfill, the ammunition wrapped in a plastic bag and transported to the landfill by a regional government garbage truck with hull number 10 with plate number DS 9593 MA.

Once opened, it is known that the plastic package contains ammunition of 10 grains of 5.56.5 TJ.

Then on Wednesday (1/1) at the same location, two GLM launchers and 50.56.5 calibre AMM ammunition were also found. The findings were then handed over to the Papua Police Regional Battalion Brimob B officers.

Currently, three civilians involved in the transaction of 600 ammunitions are undergoing trial in Timika District Court and have been pronounced for six years and five years sentence respectively.

While two Indonesian soldiers who involve in the case underwent hearing in the Jayapura Military Court but one suspect was found dead in his detention at Military Detention Center in Waena, Jayapura on Monday (6/1/2020)

Regarding the case, the Mimika Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissionaire I Gusti Era Adhinata said dozens of active ammunitions and throwers found belonged to Indonesian military and police.

“Where did it come from, this is what we are currently investigating. From there, it will reveal the culprits who pulled those ammunitions and throwers from arsenals,” he said.

No mercy

Regarding firearms trafficking involved military members and police officer, Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw reminded his subordinates in Papua to not involve in the illegal firearms and ammunition trading. He stressed that there would be no mercy for those who catch in the act involving in the trafficking.

“I hope our members do not take advantage of this space for involving in ammunition trading, so on and so forth. In principle, for those who are indicated and proven to be involved, there would be no mercy for them. We will surely fire them disrespectfully and take them to the court,” he launched his statement in Timika on Monday.

However, the chief believes that most police officers serving in Papua have high integrity and loyalty. But, according to him, an individual member also can commit such a deviant act. (*)

Source: Antara

Editor: Jean Bisay

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Wilem Walilo prosecuted one year sentence for carrying a sharp weapon to feed pigs




Photo illustration –

Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura District Court resumed a trial against Wilem Walilo who suspects involved in the mass rampage of 29 August 2019 on Wednesday (08/01/20). The public prosecutor charged him with one year sentence for possessing a sharp weapon ‘badik’ which the purpose of feeding his pigs.

In the trial chaired by Judge Maria Sitanggang with other panel members Abdul Gafur Bunguin and Muliayan, public prosecutor Ismail Nahumarury asked the panel of judges to state the defendant Wilem Walilo was found guilty of carrying a sharp weapon.

“Wilem Walilo is guilty of carrying out a sharp weapon as stipulated in Article 2 verse (1) of the Emergency Law No.12 of 1951. Therefore, the defendant must sentence one year, which reduced with his current detention time,” said Ismail while reading the statement.

Walilo is a civil servant who arrested on 30 August 2019 for carrying a sharp weapon ‘badik’ holding between his waist on his way to feed his pigs. When passing in front of the Papua Governor Office to APO, he passed by the crowd of students. Therefore, he turned his motorcycle to the upper road Dok V Atas. On his way to APO, the police arrested him after finding he was carrying a sharp weapon.


A member of the Advocate Team for Papuans, Sugeng Teguh Santoso as his legal advisor, questioned the public prosecutor’s charge. He asserted that Article 2 verse (2) of the Emergency Law No. 12 of 1951 clearly states that carrying sharp weapons for agricultural affairs, domestic work, or other legitimate purposes cannot be considered a crime.

Sugeng further said his client could get a sentence if the Court can prove his guilty of carrying weapons to commit a crime instead of working. “In Walilo’s case, he brought ‘badik’ for working. We think the court must release him because it already found out that the reason he carried the weapon was for feeding his pigs,” Sugeng said.

Also, stated Sugeng, his client actually protected Buton people living nearby his house during the mass riot in Jayapura on 29 August 2019. “He could not feed the pigs that day. So, the next day on 30 August 2019, he left his house to feed the pigs, but the police arrested him in a sweeping on the road,” he said.

In the meantime, the Chief panel of judges Maria Sitanggang said the trial against Walilo would resume on 15 January 2020. “A hearing to hear responses from legal advisers on the charge aimed by the public prosecutor,” Sitangang said. (*)


Reporter: Hengky Yeimo

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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