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Poor health services in Korowai, Daniel Hatil struggled to bring his son to hospital



Daniel Hatil while carrying his son Puti Hatil in ​​Dian Harapan Hospital, Waena, Jayapura City, where Puti received medical treatment – Jubi/Arjuna

Jayapura, Jubi – A 10-hour long journey from Afimabul village to Danowage, a citizen of Korowai tribe, Daniel Hatil, has take while holding his son, Puti Hatil (three years old), to seek treatment for his suffering from ulcers on his left cheek that has created a hole.

Daniel Hatil traveled for hours in order to get to the clinic of a missionary Trevor Christian Johnson in Danowage, for his son to get medical treatment from the missionary’s wife. There is no medical personnel and service in his village.

“I left the village at seven in the morning, and arrived at Danowage at 5 pm. I spent night in there and had not spoken much to Mr. Trevor. The next day he told me to pack my luggage and take Puti to Jayapura,” Daniel Hatil to Jubi, last weekend.

But Daniel initially refused to go to Jayapura because he had no money, and did not know anyone nor ever get to the city. Daniel asked his son to be treated at the clinic then to take him home immediately to Kampung Afimabul.


“But Mr. Trevor said the ulcer on Puti’s cheek was getting worse, and he had to be taken to Jayapura for further treatment. So three days later I went to Jayapura using the plane that Mr. Trevor had prepared, he took care of everything, I just packed and go,” he said.

Arrived in Jayapura on Tuesday (October 3), Daniel with his wife and son, Puti who was sick, also Puti’s sister, picked up by solidarity activists in Jayapura who care about health conditions in Papua.

“We were immediately taken to Dian Harapan Hospital, so Puti got treatment. The ulcers on Puti’s cheeks had been a month. Initially it was only small a red spot, which came after we went home looking for sago worms in the garden,” he said.

He thinks the red spots will heal in two or three days. But it was grow bigger and fester. When he examined the condition of his son, Puti’s inner cheek was wounded.

“His Mother then broke the boils on Puti’s cheeks, but then we saw the hole inside. I hope Puti will be recovered soon so I would return to my village, I do not want to come here, but my son need treatment,” he said.

First time ever

For Puti, this is the first time Daniel ever left his native village and went to Jayapura. He never traveled out of Korowai.

He got many new experiences in the capital city of Papua Province. For the first time in his life Daniel Hatil saw himself how a four-wheeled vehicle is, and the two wheels, as well as what it feels like to eat rice.

“In the village, we only eat bananas, sago, fish, red fruits, vegetables geds, vegetable genemo every day. This is the first time I eat rice, I feel like to eat banana more,” he said.

Health care card

Secretary of Rimba Papua Care and Education (TPKP) Team, Soleman Itlay, one of the health activists who accompanied Puti during the treatment in Jayapura, said that when he arrived at Dian Harapan Hospital, the hospital asked whether Puti was using a Papuan Health Card (KPS) or BPJS Health.

“He do not have KPS or BPJS,” said Soleman, who has been proud of the benefits of Korowai community because of the cooperation between the Papua Health Office so Puti has received treatment.

The cost of Puti treatment is borne by the Papua Health Office and donors. He hopes, the hospital provides maximum care to Puti.

“In some areas, friends are also raise funds to help to treat Puti,” he said.

After Puti got initial treatment, he is now in the period of nutrition improvement. “From the doctor’s information, the development of Puti condition will be observed in the coming days, because there are plans for surgery,” he said.

Students demonstration called themselves Health Care Team of Papua Jungle in front of Papua Provincial Health Department office, Jayapura, Papua, Wednesday (29/03/2017) – Jubi/Benny Mawel

Poor health services in Korowai

Soleman Itlay, highlighted the case of Puti Hatil, a three-year-old boy who suffered from ulcers on his left cheek through a hole, illustrated the poor health of the Korowai tribe in southern Papua.

The Korowai region is in the five border regencies of Boven Digoel, Asmat, Mappi, Yahukimo, and Pegunungan Bintang.

“There are still a lot of people and children in Korowai are suffering, not receiving health services,” Soleman told Jubi.

According to him, Korowai children should get a decent education; at least they can become educators or health workers, to serve their own community.

He also said, health funds in Papua should be divided not only for the service of official health care office, but also to those who work on the ground voluntarily, without asking anyhing from the government.

Head pf Kopkedat handover books to Koroway peoples – Jubi/Roy Ratumakin

Chairman of Remote Humanitarian Community Care (Kopkedat) in Papua, Yan Akobiarek said that it has been two years they addressed the health and education issues in Korowai.

“A few months ago, we had a discussion with the Papua Health Office, and the head of department sent three officers to Korowai to retrieve the initial data,” Yan said.

The Papuan Health Office promised at that time to send medical teams to Korowai. But until now it has not ralized.

“Last July, I spent a month in Korowai and the community asked me this question (the promise made by Health Office), I am confused how to answer,” he said.

Now, with the case of Puti Hatil, he said, there has been very crowded public discussion; and officials want to visit Puti in Dian Harapan Hospital.

“Even the minister may probably come to see Puti. While in Korowai there are still many who need help,” he said.

Korowai tribe he continued, mostly malnourished because they only consumed sago and banana from the forest, sago worms, and anything that nature provided.

“There is no other nutritional intake; we hope that in the future, Korowai children will also get immunizations, such as children in other areas. Papua Health Office and the health ministry shall immediately deploy medical teams to Korowai. The Korowai tribal area is large and inhabits with many sub-tribes,“ he added. (tabloidjubi.com/Zely)

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A story of Ruth Dolly Pagawak, Papuan woman who recovered from Covid-19




Ruth Dolly Pagawak. -Jubi/Hans

Manokwari, Jubi – Ruth Dolly Pagawak, twenty years old Papuan woman who declared negatives after two swab checks, could go home. She finally can meet her baby and the rest of her family on Saturday afternoon, 16 May 2020 after being quarantined at Papua Barat Provincial Hospital.

Along with Pagawak, other patients H. Abdullah Appe (62 years old) and La Marra (65 years old) were also declared has recovered from the Coronavirus. Papua Barat Governor Dominggus Mandacan officially take three of them out of the hospital.

While wearing a mask and holding her health certificate tightly, Pagawak told that her recovery is God’s blessing. “This is because of the grace of Lord Jesus that I was declared recovered of the Coronavirus,” said Pagawak holding a bucket of flowers by her doctors and nurses.

During her medical treatment at the hospital, Pagawak always listened to doctors and the medical team who treated her. She declared that listening to the government and medical staffs’ advice during the treatment is very important. By doing that, the body immune will stronger to combat the virus.


“During my treatment, I routinely consumed vitamins and complied the doctors’ orders. I was also tried not being stressful because I believed that I would recover,” she said.

Since she was tested positive of Coronavirus in the mid of April, Pagawak has not experienced the most severe symptom. She claimed to only experience light symptoms such as cough and runny nose.

“I never experienced severe symptoms such as shortness of breath. I just had a cold and a mild cough.”

As the first Papuan woman who recovers from Coronavirus in Papua Barat, Pagawak advised people, in particular native Papuans, not to underestimate this virus. Still, they also do not need to overwhelm panic.

“The point is we must remain vigilant. Wear a mask, wash our hand routinely and get enough rest. We cannot avoid this virus because it is not visible. Therefore, we must follow all medical advice by the government, and never forget to pray and beg for mercy and recovery from God,” she said.

Pagawak told that she initially didn’t believe in her initial test confirming that she was Coronavirus positive because she was in the postpartum period. But with the support and permission of her husband, she finally agreed to take an initial medical treatment at Manokwari Hospital separately from her baby. She then continued to quarantine at Papua Barat Provincial Hospital since 1 May.

“I initially didn’t believe that I am Coronavirus positive. I just delivered my first child, who was six weeks at the time. So, when they took my baby and me from Warmare Subdistrict to Manokwari Hospital, we were treated separately,” she said.

This young mother also thanked the quarantine team of Papua Barat Provincial Hospital because of treating her and other patients sincerely and pouring them with encouragement and motivation.

“Personally, I thank the medical team, doctors and everybody who involved in Papua Barat Provincial Hospital. They are noble-hearted people because they treated us nicely. They are warm and always motivate us; therefore, we remain motivated to recover,” she said.

The information from the Covid-19 Task Force Papua Barat stated that Pagawak’s baby is currently undergoing treatment by a paediatrician at Manokwari Hospital. The baby, on the contrary, was declared negative since the initial examination and treated separately from the mother.
Meanwhile, Papua Barat Governor Dominggus Mandacan hopes that local community and neighbours of the recovered patients to accept them when they return to their family and neighbourhood.

“I hope people can accept them when they return to their family. Their recovery was also the hard work of the Papua Barat Provincial medical staff as well as our prayers,” said Mandacan at the Papua Barat Hospital on Saturday (16/5/2020). (*)



Reporter: Hans Kapisa

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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Joyce Lin, a pilot of MAF crashed plane was also an IT specialist graduate from MIT




Joyce Lin. – maf.org

Jayapura, Jubi – An aircraft operated by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) was reportedly being crashed and drown in Lake Sentani on Tuesday (12/5/2020). Locals reported the incident after hearing an explosion. After two minutes take-off from Sentani Airport to Mamit, Tolikara Regency, the aircraft lost contact with the air traffic control tower.

Tolikara Regent Usman Wanimbo told Jubi that the crashed aircraft was possibly carrying books and stationeries for Yayasan Papua Harapan based in Mamit. President GIDI, the Rev. Dorman Wandikbo, also said the same thing.

“The aircraft was carrying school books and stationeries to Mamit,” said the Rev. Wandikbo by phone to Jubi. The pilot of the crashed plane later identified as Joyce Lin, a US citizen. Her body found at a depth of 13 meters in Lake Sentani.

Joyce, according to the Rev. Wandikbo, had just flown in Papua, although she had many experiences flying the small aircraft.


The website maf.org acknowledges Joyce Lin as a pilot and IT specialist. As a pilot, she flew the aircraft to help people living in remote and isolated areas by providing medical evacuation service for saving a life. She also transported logistic supplies for community development, missionaries, teachers, and humanitarian workers to these remote locations. Meanwhile, as an IT specialist, Joyce work to set up and maintain the computer networks for missionaries and humanitarian workers to contact their communities and to access information on the Internet.

Joyce Lin grew up in Colorado and Maryland. She involved in a non-denomination local evangelist church service from a young age. At the age of eight, she showed her interest in everything linked with computers, mainly computer programming. Her interest in aviation also developed at an early age when her neighbouring pilot took her to the local air show.

She later took the computer science in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and received a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Engineering from the MIT. Because she had an interest in aviation, she also obtained a certificate of the private pilot while still in college.

After graduation, Joyce Lin worked as a computer specialist at a commercial company for ten years until obtaining a position of the Director of Engineering, while growing her enthusiasm towards seminary at the same time. She then registered as a student at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and graduated with a Master of Divinity. While studying theology there, she learned about the missionary flying service. It surprised her when knowing that there is a job that can combine her interest in computers, aviation and Christianity service at once. From there, she found a strong call to work as a missionary pilot. She had instrument certification and commercial flying certificate and experience working as a flight instructor to meet the requirement as a pilot for MAF. (*)


Reporter: Victor Mambor

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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The body of crashed MAF aircraft found 13 meters below water




Lake Sentani. -Ist

Jayapura, Jubi – Roberth Tunyanan from KNKT (the National Transportation Safety Committee) Papua said the body of a pilot killed in the crashed aircraft was found in Lake Sentani on Tuesday morning.

“I received the report stating the Rescue Team had found the body of MAF pilot flying the aircraft PK-MEC in Lake Sentani,” Tunyanan as quoted by Antara News Agency on Tuesday morning (12/5/2020).

The report also revealed that her body found at a depth of 13 meters trapped in the cockpit.

The website maf.org acknowledges Joyce Lin as a pilot and IT specialist. As a pilot, she flew the aircraft to help people living in remote and isolated areas by providing medical evacuation service for saving a life. She also transported logistic supplies for community development, missionaries, teachers, and humanitarian workers to these remote locations. Meanwhile, as an IT specialist, Joyce work to set up and maintain the computer networks for missionaries and humanitarian workers to contact their communities and to access information on the Internet.


The aircraft controlled by Joyce Lin reportedly crashed around Lake Sentani that located between Jayapura Municipality and Jayapura Regency in Papua Province. The aeroplane took off at 6.27 a.m. local time and lost contact two minutes after take-off. (*)


Reporter: Victor Mambor

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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